Who is a teacher? Who is an educator? and what is life long learning?

Photo by 周 康 on Pexels.com

Children are innocent. Children are pure, and innocently absorb what ever is taught to them. The role of a teacher is vital for the development of the children they teach. Teachers can be very good and may excel in the subjects they teach. Or, teachers can be very bad as well. But here, I would want to focus on the good teachers, the brilliant teachers only. And kudos to them for teaching so well. So what is it exactly that teachers do? Simple, a teacher teaches and have numerous responsibilities to help the children learn, focus, absorb, correct their home work etc etc. They work hard to make every child in the class room understand what is being taught. You may ask me then, what is the role of an educator? Are educators teachers? Are teachers educators? The answer is yes. Educators are teachers. But only very good teachers can be educators. Why? Because the role of an educator goes way beyond the classroom and teaching subjects. Educators are the centre of a Childs mind and heart. Educators not only teach but also understand, empathise and learn. Educators are life long learners. They learn every day not only about the subjects they teach but also the core character of each of the students they teach. They work hard to make every class room day a meaningful day, so that children long to come to class, where children feel safe in a class room environment and they trust unconditionally who they are taught by. Now, that’s tough. Winning every single child’s trust is very very difficult. Yet they do it. So, why do educators need to learn every single day the subject they teach? Don’t they already know it? Of course they do. But teaching the subject in their own unique way, so that the children are engaged every single day, is a unique quality. These educators are aware that not all children learn the same way, in the same speed or in the same style. Coming up with different ways of teaching in a holistic approach is difficult but fulfilling. My respect.

And that is why all educators are teachers and life long learners. And only very good teachers can become educators. Because you need passion (which most teachers have) and compassion which some teachers have).

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