Educate the HEART

Please note that this article is greatly inspired by the thoughts of “His holiness, the Dalai Lama”.

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It is true that academia is an essential part of teaching and learning. As teacher educators we must teach the best way we can so that children excel in their desired field. But so should we teach acceptance, tolerance, compassion, reflection and adaptability. So that children of today can become confident, caring, reflective, compassionate individuals for tomorrow.

A classroom is the happiest place for a child to be in, if the classroom environment, course structure, engagement of the child is handled in the right way and in the most delicate way. Children often feel protected in their cocoon called school and once they are old enough and leave, they are faced with a world full of mystery, love, companionship and dreams. But, they are also exposed to a world of deception, bully, discrimination and conflicts.

Many a times, it is assumed that social and emotional skills are embedded in humans, and are not required to be learnt because emotions, feelings, awareness are instinctive. But what if, a child comes from a broken family? Would these skills still be instinctive? I feel as a responsible human being and learning to become an educator, it is our responsibility as teachers to inculcate these life skills to each and every child, so that tomorrow we have a happier and a better society to look forward to. Wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful place? And not only that, research shows that social and emotional learning is positively correlated to academic learning as well. A point to think about.

I am quite inclined towards the concept of educating the heart, and I will share my thoughts more, when I have learnt more. For the time being the video below says it all.

What a beautiful video!

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