Every One Needs a Champion!

The other day, I was watching a TED TALK on why “Every kid needs a champion” by Rita Pierson. What I learnt, not that I didn’t already know, but her speech further reinforced my thought process was the power of positive reinforcement. It’s difficult being an educator, it’s difficult to truly listen to each andContinue reading “Every One Needs a Champion!”

The Silent Language

The year 2020 has been a life changer for all of us. Little did we know, while we were welcoming and celebrating the New Year of 2020, Mother Nature had a different plan, for the whole of mankind. This has been a year to learn, a year to show compassion, a year to become strongerContinue reading “The Silent Language”

The Right to Education

Education should be free. Every child has the right to free education no matter what socio-economic background a child lives in. For some education is a part of life, a necessity, a requirement but for others, education is a privilege. But why should education be a privilege, and why not a part of life andContinue reading “The Right to Education”

Philosophy in Education

I asked a wise man, “Tell me sir, in which field could I make a great career?” He said with a smile, “Be a good human being. There is huge opportunity in this area and very little competition” -Jalal – Ud –  Din Rumi What is Education, what is learning and what is life? EducationContinue reading “Philosophy in Education”

Educate the HEART

Please note that this article is greatly inspired by the thoughts of “His holiness, the Dalai Lama”. It is true that academia is an essential part of teaching and learning. As teacher educators we must teach the best way we can so that children excel in their desired field. But so should we teach acceptance,Continue reading “Educate the HEART”

Learning to “Actively” Listen

Listening is easy right? Wrong. How many times have we really listened to someone talk without our minds wandering, or subconsciously thinking of a response? Seldom. The good news is that active listening is a skill that can be acquired and developed with practice and time. Yes, it takes practice. Active listening, as the nameContinue reading “Learning to “Actively” Listen”

Yayy! Its Quality Circle Time

Another day of schooling, and for me it’s always fun. What I was taught today was Quality Circle Time or QCT popularly known in the teachers world. For those of you who know, you can understand my excitement in being a child all over again! Just to let you know, children usually refer to itContinue reading “Yayy! Its Quality Circle Time”

Who is a teacher? Who is an educator? and what is life long learning?

Children are innocent. Children are pure, and innocently absorb what ever is taught to them. The role of a teacher is vital for the development of the children they teach. Teachers can be very good and may excel in the subjects they teach. Or, teachers can be very bad as well. But here, I wouldContinue reading “Who is a teacher? Who is an educator? and what is life long learning?”